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Heineken Halloween Night AR Idea

On the wall Ad there would be only a mysterious creepy scene, but if you look at it through a smartphone see what happens (more…)

Mapping Social Networks

After mapping humans’ intricate social networks, Nicholas Christakis and colleague James Fowler began investigating how this information could make our lives better. Now, he reveals his hot-off-the-press findings (more…)

A viral idea for Google Instant

It looks like ‘viral’ became synonymous of any kind of video with crazy pets and enfants prodige. “Give me a bulldog, 100 cats or a dancing child, and i will do a viral”. That’s the subtle mantra that we can hear in the air when we see the overused creative pattern (more…)

Foursquare. Your face in Times Square.

What is Foursquare? What is it for?
Foursquare is primarily for letting your friends know where you are and figuring out where they are. If with Twitter you share “What’s happening?” and with Facebook “What’s in your mind?” (more…)

Mapping the World Tweet by Tweet

A group of researchers from Northeastern University and Harvard University, studying the characteristics and dynamics of Twitter, created a mood map of U.S.A. by data coming from Twitter. (more…)

About Twitter contests

The Twitter contest is typically a fairly inexpensive and fast way to build awareness of a brand or Twitter account. Prizes don’t have to be expensive (though, like in any other contest, better prizes get better results), and these contests take minimal (more…)

The #yogwave


On the occasion of Singapore Youth Olympics Game, Tribal DDB in Singapore created a cool Twitter based social event: #YOGWAVE.
The idea, out of pure fun, was designed to rally the twitter community in Singapore to do the Mexican Wave (more…)

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