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Interactive videos. Never kiss a bear!

A great way to bring YouTube viral videos to the next level is introducing the interaction component. “rewrite the story” is the concept behind the viral masterpiece that Buzzman France, created for Tipp-Ex (more…)

Tony Hsieh. Marketer or Philosopher?

Tony Hsieh, CEO and cofounder of is, without doubts, a man driven by philosophical pursuits, and he has been able to successfully apply his grounding principles to his business. (more…)

Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes

Ping, a social network for Apple’s iTunes users, was unveiled Wednesday by CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs said there are more than 160 million iTunes accounts now in 23 countries. The iTunes Store “is clearly the No. 1 online media store in the world,” (more…)

About Twitter contests

The Twitter contest is typically a fairly inexpensive and fast way to build awareness of a brand or Twitter account. Prizes don’t have to be expensive (though, like in any other contest, better prizes get better results), and these contests take minimal (more…)

Top Virals. Do you know this guy?

If you don’t know this cool guy yet, let me introduce him to you.
He is the latest viral video rockstar.
Published on August 1st, the video mind-blowing was discovered this week, and most of its nearly 1.2 million views were recorded in the last 4 days. (more…)

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