A Location Tracker Platform.

Geoloqi is an open source software (still in progress) to sharing location data on mobile.
I can hear you saying ‘So What?’, since it probably doesn’t sound so new after Foursquare and Facebook Paces.
But there are a couple of big differences that make Geoloqi a possible candidate for the ultimate mobile location marketing:
A) Geoloqi is a platform, not a closed app like Foursquare and Facebook Place.
In other words it’s possible to build a custom application and interact with the user according to his location through Geoloqi.
To understand better how Geoloqi works, let’s take a look at the sketch below.
The GPS into the phone sends location data to Geoloqi (1).
The custom application and Geoloqi start to communicate in two ways (2): the app tells Geoloqi what locations to monitor and Geoloqi advises the app when the user is nearby those locations. When Geoloqi triggers the app with an hot spot, the app can use tropo (3) to send different messages (4) to the user. The application can also trigger remote actions (5) like turning the lights on when I get home.
B) Another new thing about Geoloqi is the real time constant location tracking. Basically Geoloqi can trigger location based actions automatically, without any manual check in by the user.
This is a tricky part and I’m not sure if Geoloqi completely solved it.
Also Foursquare was thinking about automatic checkins but, because the many issues involved, decided not to do it so far.
One of the main problems, is that keeping the GPS active all the time is going to drain the phone batteries.
Probably Geoloqi is trying to solve the battery issue introducing a settable tracking frequency (see pict on the left), but a low frequency could affect the instant cool factor…
Keeping in mind points A and B, it is pretty easy to let the imagination fly and think about new exciting apps.
Like an app that automatically sends me a link to the Wikipedia entry for any historic building I travel nearby. Or an app in case I want to leave a note for some friends on a map, so they’ll get a text message if they happen to hang out close to the bar I’m drinking in. Apps to get restaurant recommendations according to where i usually go to eat. Branded apps advising you about promotions and sales if I’m having a walk by the store. Apps able to interpret your schedule and automatically give you directions to get to the next location you have to be. Also Televisions and HiFi can come with remote control apps that turn them on or off according to where I’m in my apt.
For more ideas and possibilities, here are some cool prototypes already built and below, the Geoloqi concept document by co-founders Aaron Parecki and Amber Case.


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