About Twitter contests

The Twitter contest is typically a fairly inexpensive and fast way to build awareness of a brand or Twitter account. Prizes don’t have to be expensive (though, like in any other contest, better prizes get better results), and these contests take minimal effort to oversee.

A good example of a recent successful Twitter contest is the #moonfruit promotion from early July; anyone who used the #moonfruit hashtag was entered to win. At the height of the contest, the Moonfruit Twitter account (@moontweet) had more than 47,000 followers. Two weeks later, and they’re down to 33,000. That is still a huge number, considering they started with just about 400 followers. Moonfruit gave away 10 Macbook Pro laptops to earn those numbers, which is a pretty hefty prize, but they’re reporting increases in site traffic and paying customers.

So, do Twitter contests work?

The short answer is yes, they can work. The long answer is well, they kinda work, for a limited time. The even longer answer is they work well considering the time and effort it takes to run them, and are a great way to get some fast and often significant buzz on Twitter, but it can be short-lived.

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