How to make $11K on Twitter in 2h

Amanda Palmer Drawing

Amanda Palmer made $11.000 on Twitter on a Friday night.
“I Tweeted as a joke that I was all alone again on a Friday night at my computer, like a looser” Palmer says. “Other people started chimbing in, and we were all losers. One of my friends called it a virtual flash mob, and all of a sudden there were about a thousand people hanging and following what was going on.

We started a faux organization called The losers of Friday night on their Computers. We started making demands of the government like no tax on vodka, free pizza and anything you could possibly need to be a loser on Friday night at your computer. Ant it was just really funny. It felt like a little piece of loser anarchy on Twitter”.

Palmer set up the hashtag #LOFNOTC (Losers Of Friday Night On Their Computers) and the thousands of people communicating made the Loser group the #1 trend that moment!

Somebody from the group suggested to make a T-shirt. Palmer said “let’s do it” and used Sharpie to make a T-shirt design. Somebody suggested the slogan “DON’T STAND UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT, STAY IN FOR WHAT’S WRONG” which was added to the shirt. Palmer’s Web marketing company was able to build a website in minutes and offered the T-shirt for 25$ each. and BAM! The Loser group bought about 500 T-shirts that night, for an amount of $11.000.

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