Top Virals. Do you know this guy?

If you don’t know this cool guy yet, let me introduce him to you.
He is the latest viral video rockstar.
Published on August 1st, the video mind-blowing was discovered this week, and most of its nearly 1.2 million views were recorded in the last 4 days.
What happens in the video?
Exactly what you see in the first frame. A bulldog watching television.

More than 1 MILLION views in 4 days. Pretty impressive for a ZERO cost home made video.
How much would it cost in Google AdWords, AdSense and keywords research to get 1.2 million visits on your website?
But this is the beauty of social media viral: the message spreads from user to user and resonates better because coming from a trusted source. The pure fun about watching the TV addicted dog is not contaminated by the pushing message of a brand. So the user gets rid of his spam filters.

Gillette got this point. Their viral continues to maintain a position in the ranking of the most watched of the week. Social media doesn’t like corporate messages and the backstage scene is genuine enough.
The discussion of “real or fake? ” is also a key in the social media language and of course , the presence of Roger Federer helps a lot.
Published August 16 , the video has already reached 5.9 million views.

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