Tony Hsieh. Marketer or Philosopher?

Tony Hsieh, CEO and cofounder of is, without doubts, a man driven by philosophical pursuits, and he has been able to successfully apply his grounding principles to his business. So, guess what he is tweeting about on the company’s Twitter page?

If you guessed philosophy and observances that illuminate life’s truths and paradoxes, you’d be right.

How is this appropriate to the business?

Simply enough, Hsieh provides his followers with positive input through the philosophical and general drops of wisdom he inserts into his tweets and, in doing so, underscores and upholds his company’s core values and insight.

When followers read Hsieh’s tweets, they gain a deeper view into the philosophy of and also become personally engaged with Hsieh himself.

In this sense, Twitter presence is an axcellent example of how the social networking tool can stregthen the ties between a business and it’s customers.

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