Interactive videos. Never kiss a bear!

A great way to bring YouTube viral videos to the next level is introducing the interaction component. “rewrite the story” is the concept behind the viral masterpiece that Buzzman France, created for Tipp-Ex, the famous correction liquid. In the video, an hunter doesn’t want to shoot a bear so, by Tipp-Ex, he erases part of the title allowing the user to change the story. Enjoy the video at

Some suggestions for new titels are: eats, kicks, kisses and… if you really wanna have fun don’t forget the nasty words!

Tipp-Ex is not the first to use the interaction concept in a video. CP+B created something similar for the Subservient Chicken, the advertising program to promote Burger King’s TenderCrisp chicken sandwich and their “Have it Your Way” campaign.

Many other experiments of the same kind are circulating in the Web like this Interactive Piano.

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