Mapping the World Tweet by Tweet

A group of researchers from Northeastern University and Harvard University, studying the characteristics and dynamics of Twitter, created a mood map of U.S.A. by data coming from Twitter. (see video below)

The ‘Pulse of the Nation’ is not the only experiment about mapping tweets and moods on the world map.

Twittervision and twittermood are two other interesting websites along these lines.

These are great platforms for creative social media ideas.
The brainstorming is open and the possibilities of using these technologies for communication purposes are huge.

I had some fun myself mocking up a rough idea about this topic.
Let’s say that by a good taxonomy work we can classify tweets into a relatively vast icon set.
For instance, all the tweets about love go under an ‘heart’ icon, a ‘note’ for tweets concerning music, a ‘glass’ when they speak about drinks, a ‘bra’ when…alright you got the idea.
Now let’s map the world with these icons according to the most tweeted topics in the different regions.
So we get a world map made out of icons inferred from Twitter.
Let’s say i’m in Miami and looking for a romantic gateway for the weekend.
I zoom the map on my iphone and i see that in Key West there is a great Love twittervibe represented by an heart icon.
I tap the heart and i see that there is an amazing Hotel perfect for an hot romantic night.
I make a reservation.
I’m happy.
The hotel is happy.
And the Twitter icons world company is happy too for getting a revenue from my reservation.

Nick Landucci

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