A viral idea for Google Instant

It looks like ‘viral’ became synonymous of any kind of video with crazy pets and enfants prodige. “Give me a bulldog, 100 cats or a dancing child, and i will do a viral”. That’s the subtle mantra that we can hear in the air when we see the overused creative pattern for viral videos. Btw I love animals! (my dog is a witness). I also think dancing kids are a kinda of cute, but… I mean, even if ‘funny’ and ‘silly’ are perfect components and work great for certain brands, it doesn’t mean that we have to use the same formula for everything. What about if we are talking about a brand with a smarter positioning: something cool and fun in a smart way. I would stay away from dogs and kids in those cases and Google, as always, teaches us an alternative smart communication style.

Inspired by the demonstration video for Google Instant with Bob Dylan, I did a video for an hypothetical Google Instant online campaign with viral potential.

The immediate results of Google Instant can bring serendipity in the search and i pushed this concept to the extreme in the video.
The idea is to create stories inferred from Google Instant and engage the social media communities to publish their own Google generated stories.

There could be Twitter contests and Facebook pages where users are invited to submit their Google stories (or poems and haiku).

Yes, zero dogs, cats, and dancing kids this time. Only words. So what?

Nick Landucci

One Response to “A viral idea for Google Instant”

  1. RĂ¼diger Guhl October 14, 2010 at 4:07 pm #

    This is really a cool exercise in “randomness” and choices while CREATING! Love it!